Most Stylish Celebrities and their Accessorized fashion

Celebrities live in a world of glamour and luxury. They have lavish live-styles and they can choose any lifestyle they want; stylish and sophisticated as can be, their fashion trends are always in the limelight fancied by fans all over the world. We all have our own fashion sense and it says a lot about our personality but what celebrities choose to wear and endorse are considered as the ultimate glamour. That’s why all the fashion buffs around the best dressed celebrities and celebrities sporting the most stylish looks. We tend to follow their style both street fashion as well as the exclusive Red Carpet fashion.

From the most expensive cars to the best gadgets, best clothing line to fabulous accessories, fitness strategies to food habits; lifestyles of celebrities keep making hot news. They even fancy us with their cooking skills. We especially like those phenomenal celebrities who make their own fashion; their styles are loved and are here to stay.


Absolute Divas and stars we love on the Red carpet:

Hollywood Stars like Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence, Sandra Bullock, Ema Watson, Blake Lively, Scarlett Johansson , and Jennifer Aniston can mesmerize us. They can play up with fashion; whether it is a Chanel or a Christian Dior or a Valentino or a Giorgio Armani or a Calvin Klien they are wearing they accessorize it with elegant hairdos, Jewelry, clutches and even stylish gadgets. Technology is definitely revolutionizing the fashion world too. Youngsters like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are some gadgets freaks caught up in the techie revolution. I wonder if Jennifer Aniston is an avid reader, she was spotted with a sleek Kindle on more than one occasion. We can quite imagine her on a holiday, basking with her E-reader in hand.

We also love Bradley cooper, named the sexiest man alive by People Magazine, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Jason Statham, Jamie Fox, Matt Bomer, Van Deisel, Daniel Craig and Andrew Garfield. They are amazingly stylish and they bring such charm and grandeur to the Red Carpet. Well, we love Pharrell Williams for his incredibly stylish fashion sense; someone who can turn his bohemian style to the most sought fashion. Katy Perry is the adorable artiste who has one of the most fancied wardrobes, with her own signature style just like Pharrell. This creativity and originality is what we love most in the celebrity fashion. Usher has superb fashion instinct too.

Talking of street style, Sportstars like Neymar, Franck Muller, Didier Drogba, Rafeal Nadal and Jenson Button are cool; their sophistication and elegance are reflected in the style they choose, customized cars, their own signature clothes etc. We love the fact that they are even particular about the watches they wear… they all sport smart watches and of course the coolest gadgets.

Besides, models like Jessica Alba, Leigh Lazark, Leila Yavari, Adam Butcher and Adrian Volkov make the spotlight in streetstyle fashion. Their instagram photos are followed by millions who like their fashion trend. Talking about instagram, these social media networks have also revolutionized fashion world. Using gadgets as accessories is just as fashionable as taking selfies and posting them online.

A Quick Look at Celebrities Who Have the Passion to Cook

Not all chefs are celebrities nor all celebrities are chefs but particularly some celebrities really have the passion to cook. They really love spending their time in the kitchen cooking their favorite dishes in their free time. No matter whether you are a celebrity, a star or a model, we always need to have good food for our health because a sound health leads to a sound mind.

Many celebrities depend on their chefs to maintain the kind of food suitable for them according to their health condition. As a celebrity, they need to focus on their health therefore, they are very conscious about their food habits. Contrary to some celebrities who solely depend on their chefs, some enjoy cooking in the kitchen. Whenever they find time, they spend their time passionately in the kitchen and prepare their favorite food.

Top celebrities who love cooking include Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lauren Conrad, Daniel Craig, Lea Michele and Cameron Diaz, Taylor Swift and more to count. These celebrities enjoy cooking varieties of food their chef hardly prepares for them. It’s fun time for them to enjoy their own cooked food. It’s not necessarily because they could not get in restaurants but it’s the love of eating their own cooked food.


These people don’t have shortage of money and therefore they always have the best of utensils and cook wares available in the market. When it comes to cookwares, they used the best electric cooktop, which is an essential criterion for getting the best taste of food with many interesting features in it. Most of the modern cooktops are made of smooth glass tops with multiple burners. It is very easy to clean with a soft and damp piece of cloth. The best electric cooktop is efficient in power consumption and it has different features to cook different items of food at a time. Sometimes, it is fun for these celebrities to host parties with their own cooked food at home.

Why do celebrities remain in good shape in spite of their old age?

Well, the secret behind their juvenile looks mostly comes from their food habits. Depending on the health condition of a celebrity, different food items that suits their health condition is prepared by their chef. They maintain a strict diet and avoid unnecessary food items that will not contribute for their healthy living. They have recipes prescribed for their health condition and strictly follow what their chef prepares for them. If fine lines on their face and neck are a problem, they will eat food that will improve the skin condition so that they will remain younger than they really are. These people seldom go beyond what is prescribed for them and hence the juvenile look.

Each of these celebrities has their own specialty in their own way. Some are experts in frying turkey whereas some are good in searing meat and yet some are experts in baking. These people are not only good in acting, singing, dancing and hosting on TV shows but they are good chefs in their kitchen as well.

Kindle Obsession in the Celebrity World

Kindle E-readers are innovative devices that allow us to read or browse electronic books, magazines, newspapers. E-readers use e-paper display and contents can be downloaded over the freely accessible Amazon Whispernet. Keep abreast of these sophisticated devices that celebrities flaunt or use in style.

Gone are the days when reading was a privilege enjoyed solely by the nobility and high class society. Ours is an age where reading is just part of our everyday life; newspapers, books, journals, magazines and all kinds of informative pamphlet and brochures abound us. And, now sophistication is measured literally by the use of expensive gadgets that actually intents to make our life easier. In fact every one of us seeks for easier and more comfortable life, even reading; very few want to rummage around all the bookstores in the whole market just to find books of our choice. Sometimes searching genuinely good books can be very trying. E-readers have now emerged offering much easier and convenient usage than actual paperback books though it is still a challenge to ensure healthy reading for ardent readers on an electronic device. E-readers are mobile and have enough storage that allows you to hold a library of books in your hand.


Celebrities who can afford to maintain sophisticated lifestyles, do actually choose the most reliable and fancied gadgets. Though there are different brands of E-readers, Kindle’s models are usually dedicated E-readers with simple, lucid and sleek design and very user friendly. Like most of us who prefer reading our favorite book on a device that reads like a real paper book without much screen glare, quite a bunch of celebrities like to Kindle. Are you the type of fan who finds out everything about what your favorite stars, including gadgets they use? Here’s more.

Because Kindle deals mostly with dedicated e-readers, they give extra attention to details that others hardly do. Kindle cares much about their users reading experience; that’s why Kindle knows all our preferences and we like what kindle does. Kindle has evolved through seven generations; use of E-ink display technology, speech to text, Wi-Fi connection (that enabled users to download periodicals, books, access Wikipedia, and connect to Kindle Store and also Goodreads integration), LCD as well as LED display and High Definition display all enhanced the reading experience of the users. And what’s more Kindle uses only grey scale that makes reading very natural.

That could be one reason why Oprah Winfrey has endorsed Amazon Kindle in one of her shows. She likes her new kindle so much, she calls it her favorite. She thinks that it is not frivolous to buy one though expensive; it seems logical because e-books are cheaper than actual paperback books and also saves paper. Besides, Amazon provides a good many popular e-books at prices less than $10. Well it’s a much easier access to quality books too; you just glide through a huge variety of books that you can choose from.

Some celebrity favorites are the Kindle DX, Kindle Paperwhite 3G, Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Voyage 3G. And these could well be claimed as one of the coolest E-reader gadgets. Here are the celebrities spotted with Kindle: Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer and of course the famous Oprah Winfrey. While Demi Moore and Stephen Fry were caught tweeting on their Kindle about their love for kindle.

With advancing generations, Kindle features updated technology so, many fancy the latest Kindle Voyage. But there always seems to be a fascinating hype around buying the new models, well it could be wise to check out the latest Kindle voyage review. Maybe you will find out what the hype is all about. And maybe, just maybe, the lightest and latest kindle could be the ultimate gift for the techie in you.

Actress Who have Immense Interest for Music


Music obsession is universal. In other words we all love and like music. Why? Simply because it relates to our ways of living and it is one of the art that can touch our mind, body and spirit. Music had been there for a long time and this art is increasing popularity in these modern days; at the same time it has become more refined following our lifestyles. Young and old, rich or poor, black or white, we all do love music and it is one of the art that makes us even if not whole. That includes celebrities- your favorite stars, those celebs that you adore, those movie actors and actress that you dream of every now and then. They do love music and we have often seen them talking about music, how it relates to their lifestyles and how it makes their days better. The fact is that we all are human and we have close attachment with music.

Modern technology has tremendously helped develop music. In fact, it is through the help of modern technology application and electronic gadgets that music has developed thus far and become popular. Not every one of us can become a professional singer as it requires certain requirements and parameters. But we all are good listeners. And there are several modern devices and gadgets that you can choose from to soothe your ears. One best example that relates to our topic is the introduction of portable Bluetooth speaker. It is one of the modern gadgets that allow us to have quality music everywhere we want and every time we want. We cannot always carry our home theater sound system out of doors since it is big and heavy; and our smartphones and the likes produces less sound that we cannot rely on it most of the time. But a portable Bluetooth speaker like Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker is always reliable as it gives you authentic, loud and good quality original audio sound. It is one of the Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers at the present market.

Coming back to the main topic, some celebrities, out of their passion or love for music often take the risk and put their hands on the field of music. Some of them are quiet successful and even ranks high on the Billboard chart while some are not that successful. Here I would like to point out some of the famous celebrities who are not actually professional singer, but surprisingly good in that field and make entertaining music.

Celebrities that will Surprise you with their Good Voice


  1. Jenifer Lopez- Commonly known as J. Lo, she is a popular and a famous celebrity. She can be described as what we say ‘full package’. Not only is she an American actress that has appeared on many movies, she is a fashion designer, a producer, dancer and an author. All these achievements did not stop her from singing and producing great music. As she has a great passion for music, she has featured and produced numbers of music videos and now she is a well known singer and a songwriter too. Her passion and love for music and universal acceptance as a celebrity and an entertainer are proven by the fact that she along with other fellow artists recorded the 2014 FIFA World Cup Official Song. She also takes her role as a judge on one of the prestigious and famous television series ‘American Idol’.paris-hilton
  2. Paris Hilton- Paris Hilton is an American Socialite who also has had her voice on music industry. Her debut album was released in the year 2006 entitled ‘Paris’, which is a good source of entertainment. Her songs may not be on the Billboard chart and her album may not sell many copies, but critics and fans acknowledge and praise her for her entertaining side. Other than that, she started modeling at a very young age (as a teenager). She also has had her role in several movies. Now she has her own endorsement that deal with fragrance, fashion wears, etc. and owns stores worldwide.kate_winslet
  3. Kate Winslet- She is a decorated English actress as well as a singer. Surprisingly she sings very well and has recorded several original sound tracks for her film; most notably her song ‘What If’ that is well received by fans and critics. She has received most of the major entertainment awards through her role in films. The Holiday, Titanic, The Reader, etc. are some of her popular movies.jennifer hewitt
  4. Jennifer Love Hewitt- She is popularly known as an actress, television director, producer, author and a singer. Hewitt stated acting career at a very young age and by the 90s became teen sensation. Though her songs are not that popular, those who listen to her song cannot deny the fact that she has a great voice. Her single ‘How Do I Deal’ released in 1999 had a place at Billboard Hot 100.Scarlett-Johansson-Wallpaper14
  5. Scarlett Johansson- Not only is she beautiful, she can sing beautifully too. As a popular actress, singer and a model, Scarlet Johansson never disappoints her fans with her voice. If you are a fan, you would certainly love her song and that will make you love her even more. I keep wondering why someone is blessed with everything we desire and someone has got nothing. She has recorded and produced two albums thus far.

The list will go on and on, but let’s leave it for the next chapter. The point is that music is an art that everyone loves and has a close attachment for its divine role. It is definitely one of the best entertaining arts of modern lifestyles. And with the help of modern technologies and electronic gadgets, listening to music has never been better.